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A solution for gas leak in Galle harbour
The filling of Nitrogen has started for the gas tanks of the vessel anchored in the Galle harbour, which has faced a danger of a gas leak.

It was also reported before, that there was a danger of a gas leak in the gas cylinders belonging to the Homan Pera vessel which belongs to Hong Kong.

Thus, as a solution for this, a mission to fill the cylinders with Nitrogen gas has been started since yesterday (21).

Director of Merchant Shipping Cooperation Mr. Ajith Seneviratne had taken steps to fill the cylinders of the vessel with Nitrogen after it anchored at Galle, in order to prevent the pollution and harm it could cause if the tug boat which contained the gas cylinders gets sunken or the gas explodes.

Officials of the Maritime Research and Conservation Authority had day before yesterday informed the Ports Authority officials and the ship owners that there is a danger of a gas leak.