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It’s exciting times for wearable computing. With Apple finally launching its “most personal device yet,” the much awaited wearable will be available for sale in nine countries in a little over seven weeks from now.

The Watch is Apple’s first new product category launch since unveiling the Cupertino-based giant unveiled the iPad in 2010.

Now a smart watch is not new, with the first wearable computer making its debut as far back as 1998. That year, Steve Mann invented, designed, and built the world’s first Linux wristwatch, which he presented at IEEE ISSCC2000, 2000 February 7, where he was named “the father of wearable computing”.

Apple, of course, has a history of taking existing product categories and transforming them, be it smartphones (the iPhone), desktop computers and laptops (the Mac and the MacBook), tablets (the iPad) or music players (the iPod).

With the new Apple Watch, the firm will be hoping to now transform wearable computing. Analysts and experts will no doubt be dissecting each and every feature of the new Watch to arrive at their opinion on its potential.

Here’s our own first impressions on why you should spend Dh1,282 (at least) or Dh62,500 (at max) for the new wearable from Apple.