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If you are planning a holiday now, will Paris be your next destination? Even as tourists from across the world might be pondering over the very same question, travel agencies in the UAE say they are closely watching the situation unfolding during the coming weeks. But business for now continues as normal.

Most agencies Emirates 24|7 spoke to said they have not seen any major cancellations after last week’s incidents but said they were not sure of a possible impact on future bookings.

“We have had a few calls from concerned clients enquiring about the flight schedule but so far we have not seen any cancellations. May be some passengers could have postponed their trip,” a staff at Air France / KLM said.

“We have not had any cancellations of flights to France from the UAE. There have been some delays but we are coordinating with passengers,” he added.

Air France flies once daily from Dubai to Paris while KLM operates two flights daily to Amsterdam, one each from Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Meanwhile, travel Agencies too echoed a similar opinion. “There are concerns but tourist movement will continue as scheduled. We received a couple of calls from our clients. But none of them have cancelled their plans. We have several business travellers visiting Paris in the coming few weeks and all are on schedule,” says Joy Joseph, Manager at E Travel Gate in Dubai.

Hakan Bhaar, General Manager of Holiday Factory, said he expects no long-term impacts on tourism even there is a minor disruption now.

“Currently we have not seen any cancellations. Although I cannot say if people who are still planning their trip will think about going to Paris. But there will not be any major impact on tourism unless there is a spike in terrorist attacks in Paris or any other part of Europe,” says Bhaar.

Speaking to Emirates 24/7 from Maldives, another country that has been affected by political strife he says, “Yesterday we had problems in Turkey, the day before in Bangkok and today in Paris. It could happen anywhere. But life will go on. Tourists will continue to travel,” he says.

The president of the Maldives on Tuesday revoked a state of emergency after less than a week, following widespread international condemnation and concerns about its impact on the country’s crucial tourism industry, the government said.

Only last week its President Yameen Abdul Gayoom had declared the state of emergency last week that has since been lifted following international criticism.

Commenting on the situation in Maldives Bhaar says, “Tourist movement from the UAE to Maldives is unaffected and we can expect more movement during the forthcoming holiday season.”