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Areas in Ras Al Khaimah yesterday experienced rain for the third day. This resulted in a number of mountain valleys experiencing heavy water flow and a significant drop in temperature.

A district official quoted by Al Bayan expressed his joy at the rains that brought visitors to watch the water flow in the valleys.

Rain on forecast

If the flooded wadis of Hatta brought traffic to a standstill on Wednesday, the situation this weekend could be equally grim as the UAE’s weather bureau forecasts more rainfall over the next 48 hours.

The National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) for the UAE stated the torrential downpour in Hatta on Wednesday saw approximately 38 litres of rainfall over one square metre at the storm’s peak.

The NCMS has further forecasted thunder activity over the western inland parts of the UAE, along with the eastern mountainous region on Friday, with a similar pattern extending this weather into Saturday.

Speaking with ‘Emirates 24|7’, a spokesperson at NCMS stated: “The wet weather we are seeing has shifted from Oman to UAE over the past few days, with the Hatta rains first originating around 40 kilometres across the border first, before the deluge we saw on Wednesday.

“The weather pattern will continue into the weekend too, with convective clouds embedded with rain over UAE’s western inland areas, including Madinat Zayed and Liwa, along with the eastern mountains.”

The spokesperson further stated: “There could be thunderous activity also, similar to what Hatta experienced, which saw 38 litres of rainfall spread over one square metre.”

The NCMS has also warned residents, humidity levels are also expected to spike over the weekend, especially in the western regions at night, with Saturday morning seeing fog formation over the western coastline of Abu Dhabi.

The Mercury, meanwhile, will remain stet, averaging low forties inland and high thirties near the coastal parts.

Quizzed whether this weekend weather pattern in the UAE was connected to the sandstorm that has swept across parts of Syria, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia this past week, and the NCMS stated the two systems are not connected.

On Wednesday, the massive sandstorm, which has left eight dead in its wake, descended on to Jeddah like a dark shroud, plunging the city into total darkness at 6pm.

The storm lasted approximately 40 minutes, rattling windows, causing property damage and health issues for those with respiratory problems.