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Sanga solves the problem through talks
Former Skipper of the Sri Lankan Cricket team Kumar Sangakkara says that the best way to solve the problems between the sportsmen and the sports authorities is through negotiation.

Sangakkara made this comment while speaking to BBC Sandeshaya after the discussion held with the Cricket administration regarding the accusation made by him that the way the SLC secretary Nishantha Ranathunga had acted regarding him is "Insulting".
The cricketer and the SLC secretary threw accusations at each other during their e mail conversations on whether Sangakkara is going to represent a Sri Lankan cricket club or an Indian cricket club in the oncoming Champions league cricket tournament.
However, Kumar Sangakkara told BBC Sandeshaya that all the matters were negotiated in the meeting called by the chairman of the SLC Mr. Jayantha Dharmadasa with the participation of Nishantha Ranathunga as well.
Sangakkara had mentioned in his e-mails that he was given the step-treatment by the cricket board since a long time and when inquired whether the SLC apologized for such behavior, Sangakkara said that what was discussed was how to stop these events from happening future, rather than going for an apology.
He said that attention was also given to the problems faced by the senior players including him.
When asked why he was asked to play for the Kandurata Maroons when Thisara Perera was given the chance to represent a foreign team, Sangakkara said that there is no problem raised for Thisara as he is not a member of the Kandurata provincial team.