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 Skype VoIP is blocked here in the UAE for individual users, but not if you are a corporate customer. Microsoft's corporate clients who have been using Lync 2013 that was later rebranded as Skype for Business can continue to make VoIP calls for business purposes.

Now Microsoft has announced that the Skype for Business app is being rolled out on Windows Phone.

According to it, the app will replace the Lync 2013 app for Windows Phone and includes features such as more consumer style features such as emoticons and a better interface, while enhancing better server communications.

"The Skype for Business app also changes how the app and server handle conversation notifications. Once you're notified of a new conversation on your Lumia, other clients who are logged in won’t be able to take over the conversation and prevent you from responding," Microsoft said in its blog post.

The new app enables conversations to be synchronised across all devices: PC, tablet, and the smartphone.

Lumia owners running Windows Phone 8.1 and higher who already have the Lync 2013 app installed will be automatically updated to the Skype for Business app. If you have Windows Phone 8.0, continue to use the Lync 2013 or Lync 2010 app.

Recently a Senior Microsoft official told Emirates 24|7 that Skype for Business will continue to remain unblocked in the UAE as it uses the Etisalat servers and thereby considered legal.