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 If you’ve been thinking of moving to the United Kingdom, this may be your chance.

The country has just updated (last update on February 25, 2016) its list of Shortage Occupations List, which includes roles that are difficult to fill up with the existing workforce in the country and can therefore be taken up by foreigners looking to make a move.

The country’s Codes of Practice also specify the minimum salary that must be paid to professionals that are hired from outside the country to fill these roles.

As per the United Kingdom Shortage Occupations List, production managers and directors in mining and energy; physical scientists, civil, mechanical, electrical and electronics engineers; design and development engineers; production and process engineers are all in short supply in the country.

IT specialist managers; IT business analysts, architects and systems designers; programmers and software development professionals; information technology and communications professionals and environmental professionals have also been put on the list.

Medical professionals are also required in the country with non-consultant, non-training, medical staff posts opening up in certain specialties like emergency medicine, old age psychiatry and paediatrics. Medical radiographers and nurses are also in short supply.

Secondary education teaching professionals; actuaries, economists and statisticians; social workers; quality control and planning engineers; engineering technicians; paramedics; artist; dancers and choreographers; musicians; arts officers, producers and directors; graphic designers; buyers and purchasing officers; welding trades; aircraft maintenance and related trades; line repairers and cable jointers and chefs are all on the list.

The job must be paid the minimum salary rates, which are taken from the Codes of Practice. If a company is sponsoring a migrant worker in a shortage occupation, the job must be for at least 30 hours a week.

A migrant cannot be sponsored for a job with a salary below £20,500, unless they are applying to extend leave granted under Tier 2 (General) or the work permit arrangements under the rules in place before April 6, 2011. This includes cases where they are changing employment.