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More ‘dirty’ money deals by HSBC
Britain's biggest bank has been accused of helping drug-dealers and gun runners launder money and evade tax in Britain with offshore accounts, according to world press reports today.

HSBC is being investigated by HM Revenue and Customs after a whistleblower handed it the names, addresses and balances of every person the banking giant has helped place money in Jersey.

On that list is believed to be drug dealer Daniel Bayes who is now in Venezuela after he abandoned his £500,000 cannabis farm in Sussex; Michael Lee, who was found to have 300 guns in his Devon home, three bankers on fraud charges and a man named Britain's 'number two computer crook, reports say.

It is the latest scandal to dog HSBC after it emerged the banking giant allowed rogue states and drugs cartels to launder billions of pounds through its branches.

It was accused by the U.S. government of fostering such a ‘polluted’ culture it became a conduit for criminal enterprises and faces $1.5billion in fines.

Now British officials are trawling through the latest list of names handed to them as hundreds have probably been evading tax, a Daily Telegraph investigation found.

A total of £699million is being held in 4,388 accounts in Jersey with one investor holding £6million and the average balance is £337,000.

People from all over Britain have invested via HSBC in this way, including taxi drivers and greengrocers as well as celebrities, while some others on the list are either wanted by police or have serious criminal convictions according to the British press.

HSBC is easily Britain's biggest bank and the world's second biggest, but has declined to comment on the damning Jersey list.

'HSBC has a duty of confidentiality and cannot comment on clients even to confirm or deny they are clients.

We have good relationships with our regulators and co-operate with investigations when required to do so,' a spokesman said.