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 Talented young generation actress Dulani Anuradha whose acting talents were showcased in the popular movie “Aba” wining her best actress award, has been chosen to play the role of Kuweni in Sugath Samarakoons’s newest historical Sinhala Film Vijaya Kuweni

Roger Senewirathna will play Vijaya in the movie which is to be shooting in the Anuradhapura area.

The historical tale of Vijaya-Kuveni is to be made into a film by well-known playwright and award winning actor, Sugath Samarakoon as a massive cinematic venture. The preproduction has been started and workshops are being conducted with the massive cast in Colombo and other parts of the country. The film is produced by Amila Moremada for Sinethro Creations.

Samarakoon well-known for his controversy ridden plays like ‘Uthure Rahula Himi’ and ‘Commando Diyasena’ in 1980s has returned to the limelight with a story of the ‘Mahawamsa’. The script of Samarakoon has been passed by the National Film Corporation as an excellent one.