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Gold prices edge up after tax
Jun 22, 2013 (LBO) - Gold prices in Sri Lanka’s domestic market have started to rise after the state slapped a 10 percent on imports, industry players said.

On Friday a gold sovereign (about 8.1 grams) the most popular benchmark price was quoted around 47,500 rupees for 22 carats up about a 1,000 rupees from a day earlier.

In March gold sovereigns were around 54,000 rupees when international gold prices started to slide in the wake of a strengthening dollar.

The price of a sovereign could reach up to 51,700 to 52,000 rupees as the tax takes effect, unless gold prices fall further, industry players said.

Gold prices to 1,269.45 US dollar s a troy ounce, the lowest since September 2010, against from highs of 1800 to 1700 US dollars an ounce over 2011 and 2012, as the US Federal Reserve printed money for ‘stimulus’.

Following the collapse of the global commodity bubble in 2008, gold prices which peaked around 1,300 US dollars an ounce, fell to 800 - 900 dollars an ounce. It again started to edge up as the Federal Reserve started to print money.

The Fed has indicated that it will end its dangerous ‘quantity easing’ money printing exercises this year, helping boost the real value of the US dollar against real commodities, which can potentially make food prices cheaper for the world’s poor and hungry.

During the ‘Great Inflation’ commodity bubble that ended in 1980 with co-ordinated US and British policy tightening, gold prices fell from close to 800 dollars and stayed below 300 US dollars during the so-called ‘Great Moderation’ period of the 1980s and 1990s.

Gold oil and other commodity prices against started to rise from the early 2000s as the Fed started its ‘mother of all liquidity bubbles’ which eventually created a global economic bubble which ended in the ‘Great Recession’.

Inflation became a global problem after the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. Before that money was gold or tightly pegged to gold. Until the creation of the Fed gold was only 20 US dollars an ounce.