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Following the recent recall of over 25,800 vehicles in the UAE by Toyota Motors, the Japanese and US carmakers Honda and General Motors have announced “special service campaign” for well over 10,000 vehicles in the UAE due to defects and technical glitches in over a dozen models.

Honda has recalled 10,144 affected vehicles of 2006 and 2007 models namely CR-V, City, Civic and Jazz. The most affected model is Civic (7,988), followed by Jazz (1,031), City (611) and CR-V (514).

The service campaign has been announced due to a possibility of abnormal output from the driver’s airbag inflator container which could lead to abnormal airbag deployment. The above-mentioned car owners have been advised to contact 80046632 for the Al-Futtaim Honda Service Centre to carry out the service campaign.

General Motors also announced recall of a number of affected Chevrolet and GMC models including Corvette, Cruz, Camaro, SRX, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe, Sierra and Yukon.

GM said 2011 models of Camaro and SRX have been recalled because under certain conditions, the bolt that secures the power front seat height adjuster can become loose or fall out. And if the bolt falls out, the seat will drop suddenly to the lowest vertical position.

The US automaker announced service campaign for 2005-2007 models of Corvette because in certain condition the underhood bussed electrical centre housing will expand, causing the headlamp low-beam relay control circuit routed wire to bend slightly. After the wire is repeatedly bent, it can fracture and separate. When this occurs, the low-beam headlamps will not illuminate, the carmaker said.

Chevrolet Cruze models of 2011 have also been voluntarily recalled because the brake hose assembly might have been misrouted which could cause loss of brake fluid overtime.

The 2011 models of Chevrolet Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe and GMC’s Sierra and Yukon have recalled due to problem with the vehicles’ outer diameter of the ignition lock actuator which may exceed specifications. This could result in difficulty in turning the key and could get stuck in the “start” position if the vehicles’ interior ambient temperature is sufficiently high.

The US carmaker said all affected vehicles are safe to drive and customers can contact 04-4290352/3 for assistance. The automaker, however, didn’t disclose how many affected vehicles have been recalled as part of service campaign.