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 The rich in the Middle East, including those in the UAE, are foregoing first class commercial air travel and opting for flying their own private jets.

More money is now being spent on private jets in the region as international business travel is on the rise, a new study reveals.

The ultra-rich prefer to drive up to a small airport, hand their luggage to a concierge, and step directly on-board avoiding all the hassles that come with a big airport and the normal air travel.

The ultra-wealthy in the Middle East, especially the new generation, spend more on private jets that the global average.

According to Wealth-X, a wealth intelligence provider, the typical private jet owner in the region is male, nearly five years younger than the global average and has planes that are worth three times more than his peers.

Middle Eastern private jet owners make up about 2 per cent of the world’s jet owners. The average age of the rich who own jets is 59.1 years old versus 63.6 years and has a net worth of $1.09 billion and liquidity of $385.5 million.

The study also reveals that Middle East’s ultra-wealthy also buy more expensive planes than their global counterparts. The average value of planes purchased by individuals in the region is $48.8 million almost three times the global average value of $16.4 million.

The ultra-rich here also spend a greater percentage of their net worth (4.5 per cent) on private aircraft, compared to the world average of 1 per cent. Of all the different jets that are used for flying, the study shows that The Challenger 600 is the busiest jet operating out of the Middle East year-to-date.

Turkey is the top European destination for private jets from the Middle East this year. A similar number of flights have headed to the United Kingdom and France. Most jet owners in the region are industrial conglomerates.

The next most popular industries that boast of jet owners are non-profit and social organizations followed by finance, banking and investment; manufacturing and real estate.