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Two days ago, CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, had an interview with Mary Jo Foley from ZDNET where he spoke extensively about the Windows Phone strategy. The strategy behind the Windows Phone has been a part of a number of debates, plus there has been confusion because of the vague statements that Nadella provided last week after the company laid off 7,800 workers.

Although it has turned out that these vague statements have not been told right, but because the company is trying to create something original and not something that most people typically expect. Microsoft is looking past the popularity of the iPhone and Android devices, and is going on its own direction while ensuring that it’s present on both those devices with its Windows 10 on desktop.

Nadella told Foley: “The free upgrade for Windows 10 is meant to improve our phone position.” He further explained that his mission was to make sure that Windows 10 received as much popularity as possible; it would motivate developers to create apps that’ll ultimately be present on the Windows Phone since fundamentally they’re the same platform.

Nadella contends that the need to motivate developers for creating apps for Windows was among the reasons Microsoft re-accentuated the Start Menu in Windows 10. He said: “It’s not because I just want to bring back the old. It’s because that’s the best way to improve the liquidity of our store.”

Seemingly, the Windows Store will be present in the new Start Menu that’ll come with Windows 10 and hence, will drive app development: “Windows 8 was great except that nobody discovered the store. In Windows 10, the store is right there and done in a tasteful way.”

Nadella ended the talk about phones by comparing Microsoft with the pre-revival Apple. This discussion started when “colorful iMacs” were brought up and Nadella asked Foley (along with, presumably, all investors who’re confused about what Microsoft is doing with its mobile) to give the company some space so it too, can revive.

Other than the mobile division of Microsoft, Nadella also discussed other topics including the new GigJam and Azure platform. When the topic about the Surface Mini’s cancellation was brought up, he said: “What I want us to stand for is not have envy for somebody else’s success.” It appears that he’s using the very same viewpoint for phones.