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 The BRICS Business Forum will kick off on September 9 in Almas Tower, DMCC, Dubai.

The forum, which is dedicated to providing opportunities for greater economic collaboration between BRICS nations, is organised by the Russian Business Council (RBC) in the UAE, along with the Indian Professional and Business Council (IPBC), the Indian Trade and Exhibition Centre, Chinese Business Council, South African Business Council, and the Brazilian Trade Mission in the UAE.

Dr. Igor Egorov, chairman of RBC, said this will be the first BRICS forum to be held in the UAE and added, "We believe that meeting and discussing are central to economic and cultural growth and development, which is why we are pleased to present this platform for networking to all of the participants involved."

The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are leading emerging economies and political powers on both regional and international levels. With their high growth rates and the outstanding size of their economies, these countries immensely influence global development. That is duly reflected by the increasing share of BRICS in the world GDP, which exceeded 25 per cent now and is expected to reach one-third share by 2030.

"I commend the initiative of organising a BRICS Business Forum in Dubai. As the BRICS group institutionally develops, independent, public debate can help fostering the process. The UAE is a hub where companies and citizens from all BRICS countries converge, and the potential for bridging the increased business ties among those countries makes the UAE an ideal place to host those discussions. I look forward to the Forum in September," said Brazilian Ambassador to the UAE Paulo Cesar Meira de Vasconcellos.

This forum is initiated and supported by embassies and consulates of Brazil, Russia, , India, China and South Africa. It provides an opportunity for BRICS companies located in the UAE to exchange technical knowledge and establish collective action plans in order to improve their capacity for innovation and competition in the market.

"BRICS forum will serve as a platform to unveil a roadmap for the development of business activities. There will be a lot to share among the members of the five countries and exchange ideas of mutual interest. I think it is a perfect opportunity for people who want to share their ideas and join forces to do business with the BRICS countries. Such forums will ensure talent, opportunity, ideas and innovation is created," said Kulwant Singh, President of IBPC.