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Mohammed Abdullah Ahmed of Saudi Arabia is more than 90-years old. He lives in a shabby randomly-built little house on the edge of a small remote village.

“Ahmed’s home indicates as if we are still in the Stone Age,” the Arabic language daily 'Sabq' said, adding that its reporter visited the man at his primitive home on the fringes of the village near the Western Red Sea port of Al Qunfudah.

“His home has no electricity. He suffers from cold in winter and from the scorching heat in summer. He lives in the dark away from people as he has no relatives. He uses wood light fire to cook.”

Although Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oil exporter and one of the most developed countries in the Middle East, Ahmed still dreams of having electricity.

“He said he cannot go to the electricity company because he can hardly walk. His dream is to have a fridge in summer and a heater in winter.

He is poor and lives on alms and food given by the residents of his village.”