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Sri Lanka’s vehicle importers are preparing to meet the Finance Minister for a discussion over revising the proposed tax on hybrid vehicles through the interim budget of the new government.

Sri Lanka Vehicle Importers’ Association chairman Indika Sampath Merinchige told that though Customs duties had been imposed on the import of hybrid vehicles into Sri Lanka so far, the proposal this time to charge the tax according to the sales invoice has created confusion.

“Hence, this may create price anomalies. This may cause the risk of each seller changing the particular sales invoice and charging varied prices. We are prepared to discuss this issue with the Finance Minister.

“Apart from this, due to the removal of the depreciation table for hybrid vehicles something like imposing a 10 per cent tax on these vehicles has happened. This will cause a price increase on hybrid vehicles in the future. We intend to draw the Finance Minister’s attention towards this issue also,” said Merinchige.

Meanwhile, economic analyst Hasitha Premaratne told that the previous government reduced the prices of hybrid vehicles while considering its eco-friendly nature and that increasing taxes on eco-friendly vehicles is not a good idea.

During a post-budget dialogue held yesterday (30 January) by the Sri Lanka Chamber of Commerce, government representatives said that if there are shortcomings in the interim budget the government would not hesitate to rectify them.