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DIG Gunawardena dogged by evil eye, says wife
Shyamalie Priyadharshanie Perera, wife of Western Province North DIG Vass Gunawardena, being grilled in detention by the CID, for allegedly aiding and abetting in the abduction and killing of a businessman, said yesterday that the truth would prevail and justice meted out.

She said, "My husband is going through a malefic period and it is not unusual to face various problems when one is a hard-working senior police officer."

"My husband had too much public attention and I believe that the evil eye was cast on him and it was the cause of all these problems," she said.

"Now, I am busy consulting lawyers to defend him," Ms Perera said.

DIG Gunawardena is in CID custody for questioning, on a 72-hour detention order and since the case is subjudice, she didn’t want to comment further.

DIG Gunawardena was arrested by the CID on Monday night after being grilled for almost ten hours over his alleged role in the abduction and killing of 35-year-old wealthy businessman, Mohammed Shiyam.

He was first questioned by the CID last Thursday (06) for about five hours after the arrest of a sub inspector and three constables serving in a special unit under him over the killing of the businessman on an alleged three million rupee contract given to the police by another businessman heavily indebted to the victim.