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Jalal Bin Thaneya, a 30 year old UAE national and dedicated campaigner for special needs, has partnered with DPWorld, Artisan Group, Bin Dasmal Group, Ajman Transport Company and Extracake PR in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest crossing by an individual of the length of the UAE by foot.

With months of intensive training and preparation, Jalal will be setting out on the 20 th December with the hopes of completing the entire journey by the 27 th , making him the first individual to cross the length of the UAE by foot and in the fastest time.

Jalal has been publicly fundraising and campaigning for children and adults with special needs since 2006. He first walked the seven Emirates nearly 10 years ago and has since trekked from Abu Dhabi to Makkah, climbed his way through 100 of Dubai’s tallest buildings and a variety of other challenges that he set for himself to raise awareness for the special needs community across the UAE.

In another effort to raise awareness for special needs within and across the region, this attempt will mark the sixth initiative that I have personally set for myself but the first one entered in to the Guinness World Records commented Jalal, “I hope these initiatives succeed in helping to turn our attention to the special needs community by creating a meaningful and positive impact on tens of thousands of children and families in the region. And this is me, just getting started!” he reaffirmed.

With this attempt, Jalal aims to bridge the gap between people with special needs and the rest of the community.

He asserts that one doesn’t have to be challenged to represent or highlight circumstances and the challenges that society faces.

Therefore, critical that we do our best to follow our dreams and stay attuned to our communities and go the length for what is close to your heart. He added.

Under the rules set by Guinness World Records, who will be monitoring this trip, Jalal can map out his own route through the seven emirates and move at his own pace under the stipulation that he begins at the Al Ghuwaifat border post, on Abu Dhabi emirate’s western fringe to end at Fujairah’s coastline.