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 Apple is holding an event tonight at Cupertino. But will there be any new surprise announcements that could make a totally unexpected headline tomorrow?

In a few hours from now – at around 10am PDT (10pm local time), Tim Cook will go on stage and as the industry has been speculating for over a few months now, possibly unveil a new 4-inch iPhone, which matches the power of the iPhone 6s.

Also on the list of announcements could be a new edition of the iPad Pro, and a slew of OS upgrades.

But Apple fans are not satisfied with speculations coming true. Apple has trained them over the years to keep guessing for some surprise new features.

The surprise element has been decreasing over the years and it is widely expected that tonight might be yet another low. The excitement levels are a bit low this time.

We have already reported about the rumoured iPhone se and how it could reopen the mid-range segment for Apple, provided it keeps the pricing right.

The phone which will have a similar design to the iPhone 5s is expected to come be powered by A9 processor, 12MP rear camera and a 16GB and 64GB internal storage.

The new iPad

The 9.7-inch iPad, which last year was launched as the iPad Air, could yet get a name change and this time might be known as the iPad Pro.

But then, for something to be called a pro, something else should not be a pro – a basic rule for comparison.

Whatever the new name and features the announcements is just a few hours away.